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Last week, before our live show we have been to a b-day party of one of our friends. It has been an awesome party full of great people. As the topping, Misha has choosen one very nice booby girl to crack on . Hippie era (Czech and San Francisco style) It was really cool to see what “costumes” people have choosen. Some where inspired by the Czech republic styles, which probably took just getting a hold of their parents old clothes:), some picked more fancy long hair wigs, “lennnon’s shades” and flowery pants and some had really crazy elements in their outfit. Me and Misha just wore some of our relaxed Indian outfits and a hemp string around our heads. All together we were sweet bunch of hippies . Misha’s crack on Barbara In about middle of the night Misha [...]

Now, when we are in full throttle, Missy again leads the way and starts to lick pussy of the Indie chick. She starts to moan with pleasure and reaches for me to kiss me passionately. While we keep kissing each other, the brunette reaches for my pussy and starts to caress it. So here I am stroking big breasts and kissing the beautiful Indie while at the same time being eaten by the totally sexy brunette! The first blast of orgasms isn’t far away and when I just open my eyes and see all the beauty around me and feel the pleasure of what is happening to me, I simply explode! For a while I don’t know what is happening. Only then I get the satisfied gaze of the sexy brunette with a totally wet face with my cum . [...]

In the Sexy Build post I have already told you about the three sexy girls I keep working with on the build. Since they keep me horny all the time, I am often dreaming about having sex with them. I gonna share with you one of my favorite dreams now. One day we are all four working on some jobs on the roof. We work in pairs and something really sexy is in the air. We keep giving each other really horny looks and sometimes it seems we won’t be able to carry on working as we are too horny to do the job well. Two of the girls are very sexy brunettes and the fourth one is a dark black haired native American (Indie). All of them have quite sexy body and each one is unique in looks but [...]

Last Friday my long time dream has come true . After a farewell party of our two friends from the Earthship, I went alone to sleep by one girlfriend while Yan went to sleep to some other friend. I arrived around 3am and we had a nice chat about men and relationship. Later my friend said that she was tired and we should go to sleep. I went to take a quick shower and took on a sexy top she gave me as pajama. I laid down next to her and she pulled herself even closer to me. Although we have been talking about lesbian actions in the past, I wasn’t sure whether she would like to have something with me and so I was a bit nervous about what was going to happen. In a while she started to [...]

Last Friday I had another appointment for the Brazilian wax depilation by that sexy lady I have told you about in this post. This time the treatment wasn’t nearly at all painful and I was quite enjoying the care she was giving to my intimate parts. Once she put cream on my pussy, I gave her this hot look that I would actually want her to continue caressing my pussy. Like I have written in the Pussy licking post, I get really naughty by the idea of licking the freshly shaved pussy or getting my own one licked. The woman caught my look, grasped its meaning and returned her own really hot look to me. Then she proceeded with putting some more oil on my pussy and massaging it carefully. I got all wet straight away and then all of [...]

It’s quite funny but in past few days when I have the nicely shaved pussy, I keep having these ideas about licking a pussy . What a coincidence! It’s probably because the pussy is so smooth and nice to touch that I can’t help myself but dream about enjoying the smoothness with my tongue as well. So, now I know what will I do first thing once I will find some girlfriend – take her for the Brazilian wax and then lick her pussy . I would lick it all around, up and down, right on the pussy lips and down to her clit. I would suck her clit and kiss it for some time before I would move right down in her sweet hole. I would stuck my tongue deep there and eat her out. Since the ass would [...]

After our first orgasm receded a bit we started kissing once again. This time the kissing felt even more erotic, it was like if we already knew that the time together is getting awesome and that more is yet to come. She started to suck my tongue and I instantly thought about what all she could do to my clitoris. This thought made me so horny that I thought I would come again. A soft wave of orgasm flew through my body indeed but it was just kind of preparation for the real thing. After the passionate kiss she slowly moved lower on my body and started kissing my neck and chest and was massaging my breast with somehow skilled moves of a professional masseur. It felt just awesome and I had to press my clit even more towards her [...]

Being in Thailand surrounded by hot chicks made me think of all those things we could do together if an opportunity would appear. Like for example if I would go for a massage to a bamboo saloon further away on a beach where not many people come and I would get a massage from a very beautiful Thai girl with shapy thin legs, round buttocks and beautiful tight breast! She would be alone in the saloon and would give me the most beautiful smile full of hints of what might come later. I would lay down on my stomach, nude from top, wearing just tiny tanga pants. She would sit on my buttocks in such a way that I am horny in an instant. She then puts oil on my back and start to massage it slowly and seductively. Changing [...]

I always wanted to write this post here mainly because it seems to me that this site simply stems from my nature. Since I was a very small gal I used to be somehow overtly sexual. I used to masturbate a lot and was always afraid that I am doing something wrong. I remember being afraid of every regular physician check as I thought that the doctor will recognize somehow that I do such things. Of course that I didn’t know that I was actually masturbating!:) I remember that my parents has told me that I shouldn’t do such things and that’s probably why I was so much afraid of people finding about me doing it. And at the same time it gave me just so awesome feeling that I had to repeat it quite often:). The shameful masturbation Way [...]

Yan has already written a post here about our discussion about finding a hot chick to have fun with. We both agreed that we wouldn’t like Yan to have anything with the girl but that it should be a solely lesbian encounter. What should I tell you;), I was turned on when only talking about it that night. I always suspected that I am bisexual, I already had some cool experience with two of my hot classmates and although it has happened like 8 years ago, my love for girls hasn’t vanished but rather got somehow into background. Why the girls don’t like me? It seems to me that it is really difficult to pick up a girl for me. During those log eight years I either didn’t have any opportunity or those girls weren’t interested in bisexual experience. To [...]

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