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About Registration and Membership

Technical Support

About this website

About Registration and Membership

  • How do I register?

    You can register for Open Love Site at the Join Us page, or using the registration form at the top right corner of our site. There you can choose either free or paid membership option. Once you have created an account, our system should have sent you a password and automatically created your profile within our WordPress based site. You can change the password to your account at any time from your Olee Profile at the “Community Settings”, which you can find in the menu on the left. Our site offers a single log in to both free and paid section of the site, our system automatically recognizes paid members and allows them access to the sexy content while it is restricting the access to free members or guests. Under each sexy post (present either in the Videos or Photos sextions) there are two tabs – Free Content and Members’ Content. By deafult only the Free Content is shown but if you are a paid member, click on the Members’ content tab to view the sexy videos or photos. Top

  • What is the difference between registration (free account) and membership (paid account)?

    Registered person can post comments in our blog and in the discussion forums. He is considered to be an Olee, can create his profile, communicate with us via messages, post to his own wall or the wall of other Olees and become friend with us. A paid member has all of the registered user’s (Olee’s) privileges PLUS access to all of our sexy photos and videos. In the future we plan much more bonuses and features for the paid members. Top

  • How do I become a paid member?

    Click here to become a paid member. Top

  • How can I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel your membership either in the members area or on the Membership Status page. Once you will cancel your paid membership, you will be automatically downgraded to a Free Olee membership, if you wish to cancel even the Free Olee membership, simply repeat the cancel process even for the free account. Top

  • What are rebills?

    “Rebill” means that at the end of you billing cycle, we’ll automatically charge your card again for the next period. This is so you can enjoy continued access, without having to re-subscribe every month. If you don’t like this idea, we have a few other options – look for the “one time” subscriptions. An example of rebilling is: you join on December 24th, for $24.95 (one month’s access). On January 24th, you are rebilled another $24.95. On February 24th, another $24.95, and so on. At any stage, if you want to cancel these rebills, you can. You’ll have access up until the next rebill date, but you won’t be rebilled – your paid account will just no longer work and you will be downgraded to a Free account. Top

  • What if I want a refund?

    Our refund policy is simple, and applies under the following conditions: If you find we have misled you in any way (for example, we promise something in our free area that does not exist in our members area), we’ll give you a refund. If our site is down for a significant portion of your subscription, we’ll either extend your subscription to compansate for the time the site was down, or give you a refund. Top

  • Is it easy to cancel my rebills after I’ve joined?

    Yes! (Remember, you’ll need to cancel your rebills at least seven days before the rebill date.) You can cancel your rebills either from the members section or Membership Status pageusing a specific button to cancel the rebills. Top

  • Can I use a different credit card for rebills?

    No, this is not an option, sorry. You will need to let your current subscription lapse (cancelling rebills if necessary), then rejoin on the new card. (Remember, you’ll need to cancel your rebills at least seven days before the rebill date.) Top

  • How secure is all this?

    We will never use your data in any way you have not agreed upon. We use the SSL certificate to make our site even more secure for you. The CCBill.combilling server makes sure that all information is stored behind firewalls and other sophisticated security systems, and we only keep credit card info for as long as your subscription is active. You might want to read CCBill’s privacy policy, and CCBill’s terms and conditions. Top

  • Can I join by a method other than Credit Card? What payment methods do you accept?

    Yes, you can pay by mail or other options. We strongly encourage you to contact us to learn about different payment methods. Top

  • I’m not sure I want to join yet – where can I find out more?

    You can subscribe to our weekly newsletter, to see what kind of updates we put up on the site. We also encourage you to explore the site as a guest. You don’t have to be logged in to see the whole site except for the full length sexual videos and full size sexy photos. Furthermore you can set up a free Olee account, create your own profile and interact with us and the other members. After you get the complete grab and feel of our site, understand what it is primarily about (life of a crazy couple ;) ), you might consider to upgrade your account to become a paying member. You can also contact us with any questions or inquiries you might have.

  • Why do I need to give my email address?

    We need your email address to send you your password with which you will be able to access our site. We won’t be spamming you ourselves, nor will we make your address available to any third party. You will be getting emails from us regarding joining and cancelling, and one email when your account lapses. We hate spammers, and receiving unsolicited emails, just like you. Top

  • How can I upgrade my account?

    You can upgrade from free account to paid membership on the Join Us page you or using the Upgrade button on the Membership Status page. The last possibility is to access the upgrade form from the Member’s page. Top

  • What the does CVV2 mean?

    CVV2 is the number on the back of your credit card, usually on the signature panel. You will only need to submit the last three digits.Click here for visual explanation Top

  • How much does it cost to join?

    The cost of your subscription depends on what option you choose when you sign up
    Joining for three months costs less than joining for one month. The same applies for joining for 12 months.
    There is a discount for selecting automatic rebills.*
    The Registration Form displays the final price of the subscription of your choice.

    * You can cancel rebills at any time after you join. Top

Technical Support

About this website

  • What is this website about?

    OpenLoveSite.com is a diary of a young couple, Misha and Yan. It contains written articles from our everyday lives along with some spicy pictures and videos. Top

  • Who makes this website?

    This site is made entirely by Misha and Yan. We are not a porn producing company, nor are we directed by any third party. We do it for the fun of it! Top

  • Is this website legal?

    Yes! We are both over the age of 18, so this site is legal wherever it is legal to access pornographic material. Ask your neighbors, if you’re not sure:-) Top

  • How often is this site updated?

    We do not guarantee regular updates, but the rough schedule is about 3-4 videos a month and a couple of photosets a month and almost everyday text updates. Top

  • When was this project started?

    The beta version of watch-us-fuck.com went online on the 26th of April, 2005. It was changed into OpenLoveSite.com in November 2011. Misha and Yan are together from October 2007. Top

  • How can I help make this site better?

    You can help us by becoming either an Olee (free member) or a paid member. We welcome any suggestions, criticism or ideas you might have! Top

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