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Your video, it felt… different!

It actually wasn’t just ordinary “porn”. Because what you guys film is not a mere act of introducing one body’s thing into another body, but it is the act of love. And

when watching it, you start to feel the emotions,

part of this supreme feeling, that people express to each other in order to make each other happy… [read more]

OLS member Istrebitel

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Open Love Site is fairly unique in the world of amateur porn in that it really is a genuine diary of the sexual adventures of this young couple.


This is much more than just a porn site. They will give you excellent-quality payback, Open Love Site is definitely an original and unique experience.


Somebody told me at the first time when I got here, thet this site is more than an original porn site – well, he was right.

OLS member Gabor from Hungary

Misha has an ass to die for…. Absolutely hot!

OLS member Roel

I ever enjoy your vids… Fantastic models, in a fantastic situation… and a fantastic way of life. You are splendid to watch, you must be fantastic to meet

OLS member CdX

I must say that this site has been one of the most exciting of all the billions of sex sites on the net.

OLS member David

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This site is REALLY amazing, it’s something completely different. I think you are doing here something very humane,
I think you are really legitimizing the human sexuality by taking away the weird censorship that is on the sexuality.

OLS member SensualJebach2

what sets your site apart from the rest is the sex is in context. You are sharing your lives together, including the sexual part of your lives.[...] The sexual content is based on a relationship and is loving and giving. The sexual content I enjoy the most is seeing how it is an everyday part of your everyday lives together. Without the sex, I wouldn’t be here, but without the context, I wouldn’t be here either. There are lots of sex-sites out there to watch, but not many sites that share more than just sex. What keeps me coming back is your site is much more than just ‘Watch-us-fuck’(previous name of OLS site). That’s why I visit your site.

OLS member RS

But once they have seen the content is much much more they are convinced it is NOT another porn site. We are all privileged to see how your life and loving unfolds. Your comments and photos and videos on all the interesting places you visit are excellent as well as the lovemaking. This is real life. Naturally people who are in love want to express it to each other in a very personal way and thank you for sharing these moments with us.

OLS member t7

Hi Misha… I write this post just to say thanks for all the joy you bring to me! I enjoy all your stuff since about 3 or 4 years… It’s so amazing in which way you do all this! I really like to share all the very personal things with you, Not only the sexual content but all the things you are engaged in, the travelling around the world and the social things you both do! But, of course, the greatest thing for me is, to watch you fuck! It’s so beautiful to see how you true the things you do are! And much more beautiful is your amazing body! What a lucky guy Yan is to see you naked, to touch and kiss the most beautiful tits and stick his cock in all your holes! Every time i watch your videos and masturbate i dream, that i am on Yans place…

OLS member Xray7

what at first sight seemed like just another pornsite has become so much more to me, I believe in you and Misha, and I believe in your ideas and what you’re fighting for. (And about the sexual content..you’re giving me lot’s of inspiration on how to have lots of fun and good life with my love;-))

OLS member MrE

You DO give a great alternative to regular porn, being a real couple that makes pretty videos, not involving other people in the sex just to reach even larger audiences and get more more more more… money.

OLS member Prior

I believe that there is an aspect of these videos that some will not get and others will never understand. However you have to understand, the difference between porn and a movie about lovemaking, is the emotion you show. I know you love each other entirely, and the fact that you would share yourselves, your lives, and your adventures with all of us show some deep sense of spiritual understanding. I can’t say that i don’t sometimes see them as simple pleasure videos.
But when we see how you start most of your videos about your travels, i see that both of you are sharing your journey with us viewers, and know that some may not understand it but you are making a difference to people. You are changing the world and making it a better place, because you share a world clear of bias, clear of judgment and clear fear. [...] We will appreciate whatever part of yourselves you choose to share with the rest of us.

OLS member Monkey123

Your video, it felt… different! It actually wasn’t just ordinary “porn”. Because what you guys film is not a mere act of introducing one body’s thing into another body, but it is the act of love. And when watching it, you start to feel the emotions, part of this supreme feeling, that people express to each other in order to make each other happy…

You know, when i stumbled upon this site i’ve read it inside out – the blog, the forums, since it intrigued me so much. And i’ve found the post of your FirstBF where he tells that he always wastes time on porn and then after its over he feels so abandoned and feels like he has just wasted some time. You know, i was… amazed! Because he is just like me! Just like it has been with me when i was watching porn, most of the time, the feeling is the same – feeling of wasted time.

And i must say – your videos are one in a million, i must say, nearly unique, that are different from the bunch. The feeling – is different! After watching your videos, i don’t feel like i’ve wasted time anymore! Because honestly, i think this “wasted time” is because your body gets the sexual discharge it wants for (thats why it tempts you to watch porn in the first place) but your soul gets nothing. You only get the physical part, not the emotional part… I can speak for myself of course, but i suppose alot of people who compliment you here or everywhere on the webs share this. YOUR VIDEOS ARE SUPERB! Because they do contain this emotional part!

Mostly i’ve seen people comment on he figures of the people in porn, like “nice ass” or “i wanna see more of those boobs” and then people go looking for actress rip packs to watch more of hers body. Sometimes people will compliment “she does it with passion” or something like that, but its rare….
Its only relating to your videos i’ve seen a comment like “Thats it, i’m feeling I’ve fallen in love with her” or “She’s so ideal… You cant buy this for any money, the look in the eyes, the desire to give pleasure to beloved one”.

As technology progresses, we try to make our creations “reallistic”, “natural”, like from primitive deaf movies we made screens bigger, picture of better quality, added surround sound, vibration, 3d effects, research in progress to add smells… Your videos are introducing something that technology cannot. They introduce real love, real passion, real feeling, and they infuse the viewer with it. This is the new level of “porn” or “erotica”. The new level of expressing love for the world. Amazing. Supreme.

OLS member Istrebitel

I was curious because seeing the two of you in that video it was different than any other video because i felt that both of you really were sharing the emotional and spiritual bond that is lacking most if not videos of any couple in any intimate setting. I do on some occasions watch your videos for the physical pleasure but because i connect to a sense of intimacy i have yet to share with someone. And seeing the openness and loving that you both share gives me a hope that one day i’ll share that with someone too. The feeling i get when watching you both is different than any i would find watching porn because i enjoy seeing the world through your eyes, the honesty and trust you have visiting places i never thought to visit.[...] your videos and pictures are a record of your lives, having sex is natural and hopefully nothing to be shameful or put off by. Sex for sex’s sake, that is what porn is, the point of reaching sexual pleasure as quickly and profitably as possible. Others for lust just to get the next sexual high. You can tell that most porn, professional and amateur *webcams and such* do not share the lives of those people, they want to get off because they are driven by lust, to get off and hopefully get paid for it. There is no emotional intimacy, connection, or spiritual sharing there, just physical exchange of body, heat and fluid.

There is that, and then there is a journey, and that is what you have started here. I will stand by whatever path you two decide to continue, as long as i know that the path is part of the journey you both continue to share with all of us.

OLS member Tuxhero

Many of the positive comments were taken from this Forum post: What is the main reason why you visit our site? But you can stumble upon many other positive comments while browsing through our unique site.

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